Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ken Rockwell is the answer to all your photography questions.

So I'm a bit of a gadget guy. I also like to take pictures. I've had a few cameras, in my time, and have wandered back into it, after many years.

Back before the internet, I, like most, would go to the local shop, pick the brains of the owner, and then buy something from him.

Then, the big box stores came along. They were staffed by people who knew only what the marketing rep told them, and had no hands on experience, and no real knowledge.

So, people would go to that local shop, pick the owners brain....and then buy the product for $10 or $20 less at the big box store.

Eventually, that local shop, with all that experience, went out of business.

I'm happy to say that when I asked a shop owners advice, I usually bought from him.

Ken Rockwell runs a site about everything to do with cameras, accessories, advice, experiences and recommendations. He has a way with describing things, and seems as if he has had hands-on experience with every camera and lens and flash and everything else ever made.

As I have looked for information about what to buy, or how to use it, more often than not, I'd end up at

His site is always helpful, and I rely on it, continuously.

He's is the new shop owner and he uses the site to help support his family.

So I donated to him via his paypal link.

You should check out his site and use the links on it to buy your equipment.